Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Do you know "OFFUSER"?

Do you know "Offuser"?

It is [Ornaments + diffuser]

I share the tutorial.

warm water 40ml + Emulsifiers 6g + Aromatic oils 3g + Gypsum powder 100g
(I've added strawberry flavor.)

 Perfect pearls (from Ranger Ink)

 Distress re-inkers (from Ranger Ink)

 WoW! This is similar to blueberry yogurt!!!
Yummy! I want to eat! XD

Pour into molds

Dried for 30 minutes

Perfect pearls + Acrylic Glaze Coloring

So beautiful!

The scent of strawberry came into my studio.
Love is a handwritten letter on scented frame...

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