Monday, November 10, 2014


Hi! dear my friends.

Please listen to my story.

When I was four years old. I first saw a piano.
Pressing the key will be sounded.....Amazing!
So I learned the piano.
I've won a national contest competition in KOREA.
When I try to attend the school for the piano.
My mother did fall into the disease...
Eventually I gave up music.

When I was 18 years old.
I was invited to study composition from a famous singer in Korea.
After the last four years.
I have a debut as a composer.
But,  My teacher has stole my song.
I was so desperate......
Eventually I gave up music.

I still every time a key is pressed, my heart is cheerful.

It can't be helped.

Music is my destiny.


  1. First i saw your layout and i fell in love. But when i read your story.. i can't explain it- you touched my soul. thank you <3

    1. Thanks!!!!
      This is my sad story.
      But, I became stronger in this case.
      I am so happy now. :)