Monday, February 2, 2015

Educator Container

Hi! everyone.

I try to challenge the Colour Arte Design Team call.

If the best use of Colour Arte products and To introduce Colour Arte products...
What do I need to create?

I decided to make this.
"Educator Container"

I teach mixed media to Korean.
Over the past year and a half. I taught a class with Colour Arte products.
Class have been successful.
They were impressed with the fantastic colors and quality.
I am proud of classes to use Colour Arte product and They trust my class.

Step by Step

Step 1. I made the cabinet. Apply modeling paste using a stencil.
And put the metal embellishments on it.

Step 2. Spread the black chalkboard paint evenly

Step 3. Coloring using a Acrylic Glaze Silks

Step 4. I've colored Primary Elements powder and Glaze mix.

Step 5. And, drawing using a H2O.
Add the water and wait 10 minutes. Very creamy!

Step 6. Finish! Educator Container

I love texture and color.

This container is suitable for display silks.

Very cute drawer~

Look at this!
This book is a size of a finger.
I weave a book using a string.

This book is a color chart of Silks, H2O, Primary Elements.


  1. what a great idea to store your products, thanks for using ColourArte products in your post today

    1. Thanks Terri!
      I love ColourArte products! I hope to be with ColourArte!!!

  2. What an awesome alteration! LOVE the flowers along the side. So practical and beautiful at the same time!