Saturday, November 21, 2015

My favorite projects

Here are three of my favorite projects.
Colorful, something Inky and chaotic in a way.
This is the style I pursue.

1. Mixed Media Layout
Lately I'm working on a "Master of Design in flower".
My goal is a florist.
I used a photo of a flower that I made.
I wanted to create a LO matching flowers.

2. Altered Shovel
A few years ago. I played as a rock band member.
My position was a synthesizer.
But I wanted to play the electric guitar.

3. Altered Frame
He is my ideal.
I first met him in 1999 Christmas
I could not breathe.
I have suffer from lovesickness.

He is a vocal band called [rice].
I went to see him every year in Japan.

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