Friday, January 30, 2015

행복 (Happiness)

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A few days ago.
I participated in the church Winter Retreat.
I was a musician.
I played the synthesizer and was a composer arranger.
But, Teacher stole my song, I had to give up music.
The day. I've played a two synthesizer for the first time in 10 years.
It was amazing night.
I was so happy.
I will never forget the excitement of the day.

Our Sketch #132

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This title is KOREAN.
This is the meaning of happiness in English.

Look at this!
I do not know the English name of the craft.
This is called 지승공예 (紙繩 工藝) in Korean.
This is a twist weaving crafts paper thin.
Meaning vary the shape of the knot.
This knot will mean happiness.


  1. What a gorgeous layout! I love your inky background and knot!! Congrats on joining the Frosted Designs Family!!