Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Artist athletic canvas shoes

Hello everyone.
Hee Sun Kim here and I would like to share my DT project.
Today, I would like to share how to use “The SOLUTION Acrylic Wash Medium”.
If you are using a mix of Acrylic Wash and Primary Elements Powder, doesn’t dirty your hands after drying.


1. I would alter athletic canvas shoes.

2. Stamping with a Acrylic Glaze Silks using a Blending Tool.

3. Painted using a mixture of Primary Elements Powder & Acrylic Wash.

4. Sprinkle use to mix Water & Acrylic Wash & Primary Elements Powder.
(Mix the Acrylic Wash with water at a one to one ratio.)

6. Dye the shoes laces in the same way.


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