Friday, August 30, 2013

Dylusions patchwork style

Art Journal Book Work

Dylusions patchwork style

Did you see this??

I love technique of Dyan.

She has always inspired me.

Thank you!

fasion = fashion

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A U crazy? (My Cosplay story)

Hey! Blogger!
Do you know COSTUME PLAY?
I say "COSPLAY" (コスプレ)

14 years ago.
I was fascinated to cosplay.

Unique Makeup..
Make a clothes..

It was a new world.
My costume was well known in Korea.
My costume from the public TV one hour activity was also screened.

This is my self-portrait in 14 years ago.

I always drew a pattern on the forehead or under the eyes.
I drew mostly Japanese and Tibetan.
Red eye makeup!

For those who do not understand the costume ...
They said to me,

"A U crazy?"

This is Tibetan.
That means that "MIYAKE"

It's ME!

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

My face

23 years ago.
I was a fifth grader.
That was the time the art.
I drew a sketch for a watercolor class.
My work has received praise from the teacher.
But, After coloring.
Teacher said "You picture is bad skills. Do not draw a picture!"

I was quite shocked.

Since that day until now.
I did not draw the picture.

After participating in classes Dina Wakley.
I have the courage occurred.

This is my self-portrait.

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Hey! Blogger!
I have participated in Dina Wakley class.
Amazing class!

I have ten thumbs.
It was my biggest worry.
Thanks to her class I'm happy!

This is my self-portrait.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Canvas Mobile Pouch

I've made Canvas Mobile Pouch.

Using Ranger - Sticky Canvas

Claudine Hellmuth Stencil. I love it!

I use Ranger Gloss Medium and the texture was represented.

Background Distress Stain was used.

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Melt Art Candle Work

Richele Christensen 

I was inspired by her work.


Thank you for your inspiration.

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Kiss Bird

12 tags of 2013 - August

Kiss Bird

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Sunday, August 18, 2013