Thursday, January 30, 2014

Journal card Basket

Hello everyone.

DT MIYAKE here again.

I have a habit of writing notes.
It's a very fun work~!
So, I found a beautiful note or card to the Journal always buying.

Today I made a Journal card.

"Create your day"

It's a amazing product.
stamped in Archival Ink

used Distress Reinkers 

Hang a basket of Journal Card.


Monday, January 20, 2014

[CHA 2014] Nice to meet you!

Hello! everyone!

2014.01.08 ~ 01.16

I had participated in the CHA 2014. 
Anaheim is in Korea will take about 15 hours by plane. 
I went to Anaheim by way of Beijing. 

Arrived at the LA airport.....
Korea is very cold in January. 
Warm January. 
I could not imagine it.

My name is MIYAKE.
MIYAKE is a my user name. 
I have registered real name. 
So I drew my user name under my eyes.

AM 08:00 Tim Holtz Workshop

Met Mario :)
He is a Coolguy!

Met Chelle Fowler
I hope to meet her :)
She is a Beautiful Lady ♡

Met Wendy Vecchi
I love her work.
She is a lovely lady!!!!!!!!! :D

Tim's workshop Giveaway

AM 11:00  Dyan's Workshop

I found her through my color. 
She is my teacher.
Look at the right side!
That is Korea's traditional props and my work!

We're in Love :D

 My Canvas!

 My Inky apron~!

Met Monica!
We are a family of Ranger U. 

 Met Mackie Mulane
She's my teacher! Beautiful Lady!

Kia~~~!!!!!! Dina Wakley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was fascinated with her work. 
She is the map of my life.

Wow! Tammy Tutterow!!!
I really honored meet you!

Tim!!!!! Nice to meet you!!! :D
He is my teacher!

She is our team. (Susan K.)
So beautiful!!!!!!!

Sara Carns! Family of Ranger U

 PM 18:00  Oil Pastel SMUDGE workshop

I don't used Oil Pastel.
This class was great!
Technique is not difficult. 
Inspiration from something. 
Would think of the idea. 
difficult to layout them.

I just wanted a mountain, sky, flying birds in big circle.
Suddenly, I wanted to hunt birds. 
So drawed a target.

 It often appears in a KOREA New Year's card landscape.

Look at this!
This is a MIYAKE.
Educator liked it.

This is the love of two people of the profile. 
They would whisper love. (Envy!!!!!) 
My work has been taken to the teacher's class sample.

Let's go to the Ranger Ink Booth!

This is a demo sample by Wendy Vecchi.
used Archival Ink and Alcohol.
Amazing color!!!!

This is a demo sample by Dina Wakley.


My lover Dyan~!!!!!

She showered me with kisses.(So happy~~)

Oh~! Richele Christensen!!!
I love her inspiration!!!!

Make and take by Debbi

Colorful Brooch

My friend~~~~~Marjie!!!!!!!!!!
She is a family of Ranger U.

Met Shari Carroll
I love her work.

Oh~! met Joy!!!!!
I think she is more sweet. :)

Met Seth.
He is a Mixed Media Artist.
I participated in free book event. 
He gave his autograph book. :D

stick brooch

OMG! Disneyland!!!!!!

Met Jennifer McGuire!!!!!!!
Her color is amazing!!!!!!

My student.
Designer Lucy

Susan K.  DT Co-ordinator   Cheryl Boglioli
She was very cool.