Monday, July 27, 2015

Life is Good

Hi everyone.

Do you know Exploding Box?
It's a box that spread big explosion and open the lid.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Treasure Chest - BLOG HOP

Hi everyone.

"Meet the new Wycinanka`s DT / Poznaj nowy DT Wycinanki - BLOG HOP”

"Welcome to the Blog Hop with Wycinanka!
If you got here from Wycinanka you are on the right way
If not, please, start your Hop from Wycinanka blog. 
We have some projects to share with you. And as a bonus there will be prizes for commentators. If you want to win, just leave a comment on each post along the blog hop path. Our Blog Hop Continues until Monday, July 27th.
The winners will be announced on Tuesday, July 28th on Wycinanka blog.
And this is my heart-shaped mini album with gorgeous Wycinanka chipboard. Let's have a look? 
Your next stop in our Blog Hop is Tanya Dudkina's blog"

1. Hee Sun Kim - MIYAKE

2. Tanya Dudkina 

3. Olga Koba 

4. Daniela Dekanova 

5. Vera Shelemekh – VERUSHKA 

6. Raquel M. F. - TATI SCRAP 

7. Dina Herzog 

8. Nastya Istorkina 

9. M. Bohdanowicz – Łuczak. MAMAJUDO 

10. Ola Wilińska – OLA WU 

11. Papierowy Pokój

12. Zuzanna Senkara 

13. Evgenia K. 

14. Wycinanka BLOG

Theme : "Meet the new Wycinanka's Design Team"
My favorite technique is "Acrylic Glaze Silks Painting".

Pirates of the Caribbean Treasure Chest
I've painted using Acrylic Glaze Silks from ColourArte.

Wycinanka's products are too delicate and beautiful!


I believed the unborn child was a gift from God.
It is truly a treasure!

* Materials

Monday, July 20, 2015

"My time has come to start"

Hello! Dear my Crafty friends!

Wycinanka DT 1st post here!

"My time has come to start"

(Click on the Image)

Today, I want to share with you Step by Step video.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sweet Love

Hi! everyone.

Our mission is : Handmade Embellishment

Recently I am engrossed in work to create a plaster fragrances.
Mixing the plaster and oil, Put the molds will harden.

Anyone can easily create, fragrant, pretty. I love it!

Ribbon and angel is plaster fragrances.

Added the pigment on plaster and oil.
I've used Martha Stewart mold.

Cute Angel♡
I've used Prima Resin Mold.

What a beautiful! I love Wycinanka!

Saturday, July 11, 2015