Saturday, June 8, 2019

Layout for WANNA ONE

Look at this.

"Kang Daniel"
He is a K-POP idol singer whom I love.

He was one of the 101 people who participated in the audition show.
After four months of competition,
He made his debut as a singer after taking first place.

I know his efforts.
I made a layout for him.

Watercolor coloring using a stencil

Watercolor coloring using a stencil

This is a technique I love very much.

Note the rhombic pattern drawn on the background.

Applied Clear Gesso to the background,
then placed the stencil and painted the line with an oil based pen.

The rhombic pattern was painted with watercolor pencils
and then water was applied.

Monoprint work using a stencil

I love stencils.
There is a stencil, a lot of work is possible.

Among them I love monoprint.
I used Gel Plate.