Friday, October 31, 2014


Hi~ everyone!

The day before yesterday I went to the zoo with friends.

Warm sunshine 
Lovely Animals 
I was grateful for being alive.

October 2014 Challenge 18A Vibrant & Glamorous moodboard by Rachael Funnell

I've used this mood board. 
Blue, purple, red, Gold....
The combination of these four colors are fantastic!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sketch #126

Hi! everyone.
Sketchabilities DT Hee Sun Kim here.

Here is an introduction to my cosplay photos!

Our Sketch

- Supplies List -

· #961473 Prima Flowers WHITE SAND TEXTURE PASTE Art Extravagance
· #961381 Prima Flowers 3D GLOSS GEL 8.5 OZ. Art Basics
· #961428 Prima Flowers SOFT GEL IN MATTE 8.5 OZ. Art Basics
· #961626 Prima Flowers STERLING Art Ingredients Glass Glitter
· #961565 Prima Flowers CARIBBEAN SEAS Art Extravagance Glitter Set
· #573935 Prima Flowers Color Bloom Spray Mist TANGERINE
· #573768 Prima Flowers Color Bloom Spray Mist STORM CLOUD
· #573874 Prima Flowers Color Bloom Spray Mist SORBET
· #573904 Prima Flowers Color Bloom Spray Mist PEONY
· #573942 Prima Flowers Color Bloom Spray Mist GLISTENING WAVES
· #573744 Prima Flowers Color Bloom Spray Mist IRIS
· #572815 Prima Flowers ROSE DOILY Metal Die
· #575892 Prima Flowers FOREVER GREEN Ephemera

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Hi everyone!

Our Mission is "Mixed Media".
WOW~!! I love it!

I'm getting on the old bicycle.
Now my journey has begun.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Hi! everyone.

Our challenge was started.

(Please click on the image to check the challenge.)

I love purple & gold.
Gold Crown..Purple Dress...
What a beautiful.....

Tutorial here.

1. Black Gesso + Soft Matte Gel

2. White Sand Paste + Black Gesso

3. Acrylic Glaze Silks Coloring

4. Ice Resin + Alcohol Inks

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Chalk Board Paint Patchwork

Hi! everyone.
Hee Sun Kim here with my first project at Design Memory Craft.

Today.  I would like to share Faber- Castell design Memory Craft's Gelatos & Chalk Board Paint Patchwork Technique with you.

People sometimes judge others by their appearance.
I would like to deliver a positive message to those offended by unfair treatment because of their appearance.

“You aren't weak at all.”
“You are stronger and more talented than any others.”

She is clothed in Strength and Dignity.

I wish your happiness.

Click the image to check now!