About Me

My name is Hee Sun Kim and Korean. (MIYAKE called)

I live in Seoul, Korea with my father, mother and an older brother. My mother and brother are pastors!
I have been reading a lot of books since childhood.
I enjoyed picturing the contents of a book I was reading in my head.

So, whenever I read a book or talk with people, I still tend to picture the contents in my head.
This is how I get inspired for my works. 

I am currently selling my works and teaching techniques from my studio. 
Colorful, something Inky and chaotic in a way. This is the style I pursue.
I began enjoying free-hand drawing and handwriting. What I want to point out is this.
I realized that the best way is to draw things myself with my own hands.

It was 2009.
I found such a beautiful handmade card on the Internet while searching for collage techniques and images I could use to decorate my personal planner.
I was very much surprised to find out that there were so many people in the world making cards.
I am enjoying this craft to this day!

I am seeking a unique and vintage mixed media.
To express the feeling, I have used many materials and made various attempts.
I am continuously seeking inspiration, making an effort to share it, teaching students every day and making works.

I always enjoy finding new inspiration and sharing what I found.
Above all, I found a joy of my life through this crafts so that I am happy to share it.

Blog : http://takakomiyake.blogspot.kr (Only English)
Blog : http://takakomiyake.blog.me (Only Korean)
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My Gallery
Scrapbook.com - http://www.scrapbook.com/galleries/548099.html
Studio Calico - http://www.studiocalico.com/users/MIYAKE