Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Hello everyone.

This is my last post.
Six-month in fantastic Susan K. DT
I was happy to share Susan K. products and inspiration.
It was the time of my life.


At this moment. 
We are destroying the environment. 
Easy thing to destroy the environment. 
But It is difficult to protect the environment. 

I would like to offer you a two kinds. 
1. Recycling ideas 
2. When you are working to minimize waste. 

We inherited nature from God and ancestors. 
Now turn pass on to posterity. 

April 25 to 28 
I went on a trip to Jeju Island. 
Jeju Island is a volcanic island created by the explosion. 
It is the most beautiful island in South Korea. 
and, be designated as World Heritage by the UNESCO. 

Jeju to retain the mystery of the beginning. 
I thought that was where the Earth.

Yang Bang Eon - Prince of Jeju

I'll look around the four corners of the EARTH.
all the millions of different life forms on the planet today.









Wednesday, April 23, 2014