Saturday, August 22, 2015


I love texture & pattern.

Usual, I created a pattern using a stencil.
Today has created a pattern of different ways.

I would like to share a tutorial here.

wire and twigs.
I used the shape as it was wound on a roll.

Apply Gesso & Texture Paste

Apply 13arts Ink Spray

Stamp Pattern...
This is one of the geometric shapes.

and, Crackle Texture...
This is one of the geometric shapes too!

Friday, August 7, 2015


2015.07.30 ~ 08.03
I went to OSAKA in JAPAN for ITAMI Scrapbooking Event.
I met the ladies there.
Yuko Tanaka, Heartwarm, 新島亜夕美, Chitose Nakamae, Inui Megumi,
Etsuko Kishimura, Ayako Katayama, Maiko Miwa...

Transparent layout!
Yesterday is the past.
My memories are all in the past.
I wanted to keep my mind as clear and transparent.

Saltwater Surface = Crackle texture

Vintage = Memories (past)
Sea = transparent layout
Saltwater Surface = Crackle texture

Monday, August 3, 2015

ColourArte Design Team! YAY!

Today I wanted to share some very exciting news.
I have been asked to join the ColourArte Designer.
Have a nice day and thanks for letting me share my exciting news!